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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Beavertown Skull King

What: Skull King Double IPA.

Who: Beavertown, London.

Where: An absolutely beautiful can, bought at the brilliant Mother Kelly's. Although, if you haven't got one by now, it's probably too late - at this point it's a one-off and in very short supply.

Why: Because the fermentation profile is clean as a whistle and the bitterness is really well balanced. The alcohol, despite there being a lot of it, is really well integrated. The hop profile has lots of pine sap and over-ripe fruit; tangerines and pineapples if you go looking for them.

Why not: Because the hops taste old; vegetal like damp leaves and cheesy like blue cheese. There's too much malt character and it gets in the way of the hops; it comes through like boiled sweets and caramel. The body is fat, thick and chubby; giving the beer a muddy feel and taking away its elegance.

How could it be improved? (Wow, the arrogance!) I'd love to see it filtered gently, fined or lagered before dry hopping. I'd like less character from the (possibly crystal) malt. I think a thinner body and less malt character would allow the hops to come through in a more pronounced way. I'd like to see it made with fresher hops.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you tell us what you really think. Ouch.

Mark said...

Hopefully the post doesn't come over as too negative. That wasn't the intention. There was a lot I liked about the beer and I'd buy it again if I saw the draft version.

Chris Emma said...

Not sure I agree about the clean fermentation actually. I think. It needs to be dryer. Whether it was under attenuated at all, or whether it came out exactly as was intended I don't know. But I would not describe it as being clean as a whistle.


Mark said...

@ Chris Emma

I think we have different definitions of what a clean fermentation is, then. To me a clean fermentation is one without flavour and aroma fault: fusel alcohol, esters and phenolics where they shouldn't be, sulpur, diacetyl, acetaldehyde etc ...

I agree with you about it having some sweetness but I wouldn't put that down to an incomplete or under-attenuated fermentation. I would put it down to malt bill.

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