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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Scottish Hampers - Answer Question, Win Stuff

The people over at Scottish Hampers got in touch with me and offered one of their beer boxes as a reader competition prize.

If they sucked, I would’ve said no, but the hamper genuinely includes some good beer! Brewdog Trashy Blonde, Harviestoun Old Engine Oil and Ola Dubh 12 Year Old.

I’m always blown away by the fact that people spend their precious time reading the things I write. Free beer for one of you sounds like a good idea to me.

For a chance to win, all you have to do is send me an email at beerbirrabier[at]gmail[dot]com with an answer to the following question:

Beer is typically made with just four ingredients. Malt, Water, Yeast and what else?

The competition will close at 1pm on Wednesday 30th May and the only condition is that you have to live in mainland UK to win.

Fingers crossed ...


Elspeth Payne said...

I live in the States but like Scottish Hampers beers (Ola Dubh 12 yr!!). I am so sorry not to be able to enter! I'd be glad to pay postage - though I'm sure the issue is more one of crossing government jurisdictions.

Mark said...

Elspeth: Thanks for reading. You're right, the T&C's with Scottish Hampers state that only UK destinations can be shipped to with free postage. (Some European countries could be done with postage costs but not the US I'm afraid.).

That Ola Dubh is a fantastic beer. I was lucky enough to try a cask version once and it was incredible.

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