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Thursday, 19 January 2012

A Letter From An Old Friend

I received a letter from an old friend. It felt like something I should post:

Dear Mark,

I’m hoping you can help me. I’m worried my parents don’t love me anymore.

It started when they sent me away to boarding school at Meantime. Lost in a foreign land of cockney accents and jellied eels, they promised I’d be made here for the export market only, but people are drinking me in the UK and they’re asking questions. They say I’m slowly losing my punk spirit, becoming more Meantime by the day! My noble hop character and biscuity malt base seem to be vanishing, replaced by indifferent aromatics and a cut-green-apple flavour so similar to London Lager that it’s difficult to defend myself.

Things move so quickly at home and Christmas was as busy as ever. The new bar was opened in Camden and everything went to plan. Everything, except my invite to the party. They were all there, the parents, my brothers - Punk IPA and Hardcore, the cousins - Paradox and Tokyo*, even friends of the family - the foreign imports. Not me though, no space for me on the draught lineup. Overlooked again.

I feel like they just want me out of the way. They hide me in an Equity for Punks blanket, my bottle label says nothing about me anymore, nothing about the way I taste or the ingredients that make me, just generic blurb about shares and international importers. Why me!?

So what do you think? Am I overreacting?

I’m just worried. I used to be their pride and joy. I used to be a statement. You could compare me to mass-produced lager and I’d stand head and shoulders above, encapsulating the Brewdog ethic and mission statement in every mouthful. Now I just feel neglected, like I’m no longer part of the family; I don’t feel like I’m the type of beer that Brewdog should be associated with.

77 Lager.


beersiveknown said...

I've not been keen the times I've tried it, but production could have already moved by then

dredpenguin said...

77 Used to be a great beer...but not tried it recently.

Had almost forgotten about it.

However I'm pretty sure it was on the draft lineup at Camden when I was last there with barman commenting that they had gone through at least 4 kegs today as a bunch of city boys were in drinking it.

Mark said...

Steve: You might've been unlucky. I've had it a few times when it's been really, really good.

dp: Good to hear that they have at least has it on at Camden. The city boys comment is a good one because that's exactly where I see 77 doing well - as a gateway beer for people interested in trying something different.

Sid Boggle said...

Have you been at them tabloids again? 'Dear Deirdre...' 8-)

Does craft beer need an agony aunt?

Gareth said...

Cool post, does seem like a lot of the shouting is shouting over something they might well be making a chunk of money from. Their decision of course, but if it really is good enough, why hide it? And if it isn't good enough, it goes against everything they preach (a lot).

Mark said...

Sid: If it does, who am I to say no!? :P

Gareth: Thanks! To me it just seems like the focus has moved off it. It's one of their named core beers though.

BeerReviewsAndy said...

Its a bit like the prototype 17 the first one as great, the latest batch wasnt the same, think both were based on 77 too so that could explain a lot.

Mark said...

Andy: Was one based on Trashy Blonde? You might bit right, I just had it in my mind one was based on Trashy.

Interestingly, Brewdog have confirmed today that 77 Lager has been dropped from their beer range for good. Bit of a shame, if you ask me, I think 77 was the perfect gateway/cross over beer for getting people into something other than main stream.

Alistair Reece said...

The only time I drank 77 Lager, I was convinced I was drinking just another IPA, so full of American C-hops it was.

Mark said...

Wow, don't think I've ever had one like that. I've had it with big noble hop aroma and with big NZ hop aroma, but never c-hop.

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