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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Dream Beer Festival Lineup

A post inspired by this and this.

I kinda go to beer festivals to drink new beer, not the ones I know and love. That being said, if I were asked to pick a dream lineup of old favourites, it might look something like this:

Marble Pint (Is there a better, more flavour-filled session ale?).
Thornbridge Kipling (I love Nelson Sauvin hops).
Oakham Citra (Best application of the Citra hop that I've tasted).
Gadds' No 3 (Hometown classic).
Darkstar Hophead (If there is a better session ale than Pint, it's Hophead).

Bear Republic Racer 5 (The best American IPA I've tasted).
Victory Prima Pils (An awesome US Pilsner).
Pilsner Urquell (THE Pilsner. Unfiltered and unpasteurised or not at all).
Ayinger Celebrator (Doppel-licious).
Brewdog Punk IPA (Brewdog's crowning glory).
Brewdog Hardcore IPA (Brewdog's other crowning glory).
Augustiner Helles (Simple. Delicious. Simply delicious. Reminds me of Munich).

Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (The knockout punch).
Cantillion Rosé De Gambrinus (One for the missus. I'll take a sampler).
Cantillon Gueuze (Halftime refresher).
Kernel SCCANS (Hometown modern-classic).
Orval (Everybody's best mate).
Fuller's Vintage Ale (Different every time you drink it, but constantly great).

Now, tell me that's a festival you wouldn't enjoy!

Image from here.


Ed said...

A bit hop heavy for my taste. I'll have to have a ponder on what I'd have.

Anonymous said...

Just the one stout and no porter? Pah!

Mark said...

Ed: As I read back over the list, I realised how hop heavy it is. Guess that’s where my personal preference sits then!

Bryangb: Just the one stout, yep. There are big, dark(er) beers in the form of Celebrator and Fuller’s Vintage though! I was toying with the idea of putting Gadds’ Dogbolter in there but thought the list was already long enough.

David Wilton said...

Marble Pint is on all three and I haven't had it. Can you let me know if you see it anywhere? I loved their bitter


Mark said...

Will do. It doesn't travel as much as the bitter and their Lagonda IPA, so you don't see it in London very much. The Rake had some a couple of weeks ago but I think it went in a matter of hours - was gone by the time I got there in the evening.

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