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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Beer Bloggers Conference Days 2 & 3

I realised that I hadn't posted my remaining photos from the Beer Bloggers Conference. Days two and three saw a food and beer pairing lesson, a talk from Martin Dickie of Brewdog, hop pickers on stilts, racing snails, a tour of Fuller's brewery, LOTS of great beer at Camden Town Brewery and another fantastic meal with some special bottles from the cellars at Fuller's.


Leigh said...

Man, that Jesus slide is a but much! God knows what the rest of it was like! great spread though; will make next years.

Mark said...

That was probably the peak with regard to shock value. He seemed to get a bit of flack for his talk, but personally I really enjoyed it. It was just so different to everyone else who presented, it was impossible not to listen to every word he said.

And, I guess, in his defence ... the topic title was "shaking up the beer industry".

Neil, Eating isn't Cheating said...

what was the relevance of the jesus slide?

Also, whats was the fullers vintage 2000 like? I've got a bottle of 1999 and a bottle of 2010at home, i think the 1999 needs drinking soon!

Mark said...

Jesus was in reference to the end of world theory that was supposed to happen that day.

2000 was great. The 2010 is fantastic now, just in a completely different way. I'd agree, get on that '99 soon I reckon.