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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Beer Bloggers Conference Day 1

Day one of the Beer Bloggers Conference started with a killer headache from the night before. A warm up meet and greet with the sponsors, history of beer in London, a fun bloggers panel, an off flavours session, a HUGE dinner and then lots and lots of incredible Pilsner Urquell. Here are some photos:

I've uploaded more to Flickr.


Real Ale Girl said...

Nice pics- I like the one of the thirrrshty marrrshterbrewer! keep us updated on any bbc11 stuff and well done on your winning!

Mark said...

Cheers Shea. :)

I think a prerequisite of any future beer conference should be the attendance of one thirrrshty marrrshterbrewer! :P

dredpenguin said...

Good stuff Mark. Good shot of the back of my head as well ;-)

Mark said...

That's the arty, looking over someones shoulder shot!

Or not ... :P

Unknown said...

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