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Saturday, 30 April 2011

As Live: Cornish Rattler Cyder

Not quite in the spirit of Open It!, but something I have been meaning to open for a while is the bottle of Cornish Rattler cider that the people at Healey's sent me.

18:55 I just tried to pour it with a head and stopped near the end for the sediment ... which isn't there. Old (beer) habits die hard I guess.

19:01 Bloody hell, feel a bit out of my depth with this. Makes you realise how much you get used to the flavours in beer. It's mightily refreshing if nothing else.

19:05 Bottle says it's a cloudy cider but it looks pretty bright to me. It's crisp in the finish with a very feint bitterness. Sounds massively obvious but the main taste is crisp, fresh apple.

19:07 Hopzine Rob is drinking AleSmith IPA. As much as this is hitting the spot right now, I'd probably trade.

19:11 The sweetness in this alongside the relatively simple flavour profile makes it incredibly drinkable.

19:14 I'm convinced I can taste something along the lines of sesame seeds or five spice in this. Something like that smell that hits you when you walk into a Chinese supermarket.

19:17 Maybe the bitterness isn't there and I'm just looking for it because I always drink beer? There's an alcoholic flavour in the finish for sure though.

19:21 Well that's the end of that. Opened as the first drink of the night when really thirsty; didn't last long as a result. I'm not a cider drinker but in the hot sun on a summer's day I would happily quaff the hell out of this! Very pleasant.


Leigh said...

Drunk a shitload of this in Newquay on a stag do a few years back. After a few pints, it became clear it was better than the majority of the beer on offer. Really!

Mark said...

Never let it be said that Leigh GoodStuff doesn't know how to PARTY! :P