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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Lovibonds VAT 69 IPA

Yeah, so anyway, I’m walking into the shop on the way home from work, it’s Friday and I’m grabbing the essentials for the evening. I can’t be arsed with anything new tonight, I just fancy something to sit back and enjoy, something I’m familiar with, something I don’t need to think about. Bottle of white for the missus and some ice cubes; yeah I know I’m paying for frozen tap water but life’s too short for those little trays, I always end up with more water over the floor than in the freezer anyway!

Something looks wrong with this bottle. Why would they change the label? Whatever, it doesn’t have those three words on it so it must be the same inside. “New and improved”.

Glass out, ice in, feet up, sip. Ahhhh.

Arghhh, what the hell!

Where’s that buttery sweetness, vanilla and woody oak? I’ve got a mouthful of American hops! This doesn’t taste like whisky at all. If anything, it tastes like beer. Wait a minute, now I look a bit closer, it is beer! Lovibonds 69 IPA, I thought I’d bought Sanderson VAT 69 Scotch Whisky.

An easy mistake to make. I mean, if I’m being absolutely honest, the labels do look completely different. One of them is based on a red and white American road sign whilst the other is black and gold with stencil font, but they’re still easily mistaken. The beer was found in the beer aisle – of a specialist beer shop, in a beer shaped bottle, at a typical beer price with a beer ABV; but apart from that it’s identical to the whisky.

Ah well, having made this easy mistake, there’s absolutely no way I’m going back to that shop to get that whisky. Nope, my mind’s made up. I’ll never buy that whisky again! Why would I when the 69 IPA tastes so similar and I can just buy that instead?


This post was written in response to the news that global beverage company Diageo have taken exception to micro brewers Lovibonds using the number 69 in their marketing. Apparently the "69 IPA" brand is easy to confuse with their own "VAT 69" whisky. See here.


Unknown said...

What glorious corporate nonsense!

You've made a real comic treat out of this ridiculous situation.


The Beer Nut said...

I won't tell you what I was doing when the Diageo legal team came through the bedroom door and served me with a cease-and-desist.

Jason Stevenson said...


A great blog post thanks for your support.


You would only get into trouble if you tried to register your bedroom activity.....

Kristy said...

Great post and what bunkum.

It's corporate nonsense like this that puts the rest of us good corporates to shame ;o)

dredpenguin said...

@the beer nut About time someone made a decent sex orientated joke out of this fiasco.

rabidbarfly said...

pure class my friend. Thanks.

dredpenguin said...

I should also say it is a damn good article as well. Forgot that in my childish excitement of a 69 joke ;-)

Mark said...

Thanks for the comments guys. :) A pleasure to call out the madness of it all.

And thank you TBN for that imagery. What better accompaniment to my morning cuppa could I wish for!?

Eddie said...

Nicely observed, beautifully penned. As ever.

Mark said...

Thanks Eddie, appreciate that. :)