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Friday, 21 January 2011

Stop! Stand Still and Eat Chips!

I spotted this article in the Evening Standard last week and it made me laugh.

"Moderate drinking is good for your health and can cut the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, claim doctors". Fantastic! Any idea who these doctors are, or perhaps what makes them qualified to make such a statement?

"Up to a pint a day, combined with exercise and a Mediterranean diet, can even help people lose weight, said Spanish researchers". CAN help people lose weight, so equally there's a good chance that it WON'T help people lose weight? Surely one cigarette a week, combined with exercise and a diet low in saturated fat could equally serve to act as a weight loss diet? This just in: a diet of marathon training, Ryvita and Vodka (one shot per week), CAN help you to lose weight!

The researchers are from Spain though ... narrows it down a bit further than those doctors at least.

"Beer drinkers here [in Spain] do not resemble Britons, who drink large quantities, almost without moving from one spot, while eating chips". Brilliant! So, if you thought our national pastime was cricket or bowls or football or lawn tennis, you're sadly mistaken.

I'm off down the pub to drink twelve pints, stand in the same spot for four hours and to eat my own body weight in fried potato. See you all there.


Ed said...

I would but I can't waddle that far.

Leigh said...

haha, wonderful stuff. Beer and a mediterranean diet? That's a pint and a Kebab to me. Validation at last!

Mark said...

Leigh: Love it! Who needs olive oil and sun-dried tomatoes? :P