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Thursday, 13 January 2011


I'm attempting to pull my various social media streams together and to make them the focal point of the blog. To the right-hand side is an icon that will link you to my Twitter, Facebook and Flickr accounts. Extras will be added as they come up. I'm thinking Wikio and possibly something like Upcoming.

Get connected!


arn said...

catchy flickr username!!!

Mark said...

That's what my friends know me as. ;)

Thanks for pointing that out. I've tried to change it but it still seems to be showing as the old "name". Maybe it takes time to apply or something.

arn said...

seems to have righted itself now.

i like the connect sidebar too.

Ed said...

What's it like following so many people on twitter? Don't you get overwhelmed with random crap from people you hardly know?