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Friday, 3 December 2010

Iceland - I Found Beer!

The Vinbud was exactly what I was looking for. Walking in there felt like an admission of guilt (another story for another blog), but once inside I found loads of Icelandic beer. Household names brewed under licence, domestic macro brands and a handful of micro beers. Fantastic.

The weather here is cold. Minus 12 degrees cold. We left the hotel last night and returned without sensation in our big toes. The water is heated by geothermal power, it picks up minerals and other nice things on the way to your house, it fills the room with the smell of hard boiled egg whenever you turn the hot tap on. The Sun never makes it above the horizon. It's not until 11am that it gets up at all! That Sun's lazier than I am. When you wake up you feel shattered, regardless of the time, because it's still dark outside and your body tells you to go back to sleep. So very different. The entire population of Iceland is only 300,000 people. Reykjavik has 100,000 of those people. You can fit 90,000 into Wembley Stadium!

They have Taco Bell here but not McDonalds. So very different.


Mark, Real-Ale-Reviews.com said...

I want to go to Iceland!

Mark Dredge said...

Mums go to Iceland. ZING!


But how are the beers?! Or are they coming home with you? If they turn up in a beer night and fall as flat as those Italian ones then you will get dropped from the beer night after that :)

Mark said...

Haha. Got some making up to do after that little group of Italians!

I've got a bad cold at the moment, so I'm struggling to taste things fully. The one with the green label was crap, the lava imperial stout and Skjalfti were great though. Will definitely bring home one of each of those for you guys to try.

Mark: The city isn't all that, but inland is just stunningly beautiful. Frozen waterfalls, hot springs, the northern lights. Awesome. Looking forward to an egg free shower though! ;)

Leigh said...

Cool - always wanted to visit, just found it prohibitively costly! but I'm a total nerd for your icelandic beer finds - I'm sure you'll let us all know that they are like!

Anonymous said...

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Chris said...

Realise this is a fairly old post, but I've just stumbled across it.

I went to that same Vínbúð in March and it was devoid of any Ölvisholt Brugghús beer. Would have brought some back with me if I had spied it in there.

Totally agree on Lava, and Skjálfti was pretty decent too (my thoughts here: Ölvisholt Brugghús and Iceland).

Think I was more enamoured with Reykjavík than you were though...

I'd actually read a recommendation for Jökull (green label) before I left, describing it as a 'glacial' lager. It was indescribably awful in fact.

Interested to see what comes of this brewery: Einstock

Mark said...

Hi Chris. Great blog posts stand the test of time. ;)

I heard that that brewery went out of business. I think I was lucky enough to find some of the last few bottles. A real shame because I like their stuff.

I did like the city but the inland just blew me away. Im sure you'll know what Im talking about but it's just so beautiful. I reckon time of year plays a big part in it, the frozen land and water must look a lot more picturesque than in summer.

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