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Sunday, 17 October 2010

MyBreweryTap Rocks!

Last Wednesday I placed an order with mybrewerytap.com, last Friday I received the order from mybrewerytap.com! Service so good it's worth shouting about, or at least I think so anyway. Beer from the UK, East and West Coast America and Italy; picked from the awesome Pick 'n' Mix offer and delivered super quick. Bottle prices are more than competitive, the range is ever-expanding and the focus genuinely appears to be on giving the customer what he or she wants. Round of applause from me.

The Pick 'n' Mix offer lets you select as many bottles as you want, from an ever changing list, with flat rate fixed postage. I went for Marble Dobber and Vuur & Vlam, Baladin Open, a Mallinsons Single Hop Simcoe, Sierra Nevada Torpedo and Tumbler, a Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale and DFH/Birra del Borgo My Antonia.

Time to get stuck in!


myBrewerytap said...

Cheers Mark, hope you enjoy the beers.

Leigh said...

Just enjoyed a bottle of Tumbler myself over the weekend - it was a little strange, but I liked it. Eventually....! Would like to get my hands on the Vuur & Vlam, though. An order may need to be placed.

Mark said...

Do it! :P

I've got a thing for American brown ale at the moment (hence the DFH IBA too). Not aware of any UK brewers making beers in that style.


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danhgiaxeford said...
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