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Friday, 22 October 2010

Bacon Sandwiches & Henley Dark

Let’s talk about something important, let’s talk about bacon sandwiches. Smoked back bacon, fried; hand cut white bread, toasted; generous amounts of cupboard-warm ketchup or brown sauce. Hangover cure of medicinal proportions, breakfast mainstay of national importance.

The perfect beer partner? Lovibonds Henley Dark; a 4.8 percent porter with a difference. Borrowing from the traditional Rauchbier style of Bamberg Germany, malt is hand-smoked over beech wood chips on a barbecue outside the brewery, before being added to the beer in small, precise quantities.

There’s a subtle sweetness that’s quickly kicked out the way. In comes a flood of roast malt. Chasing behind is a feint wisp of smoke, too little to dominate or overpower but just enough to add a savoury edge to the beer, just enough to build a bridge to the smoky, savoury, salty bacon. A prickle of carbonation and a punch of bitterness; the fattiness cut and any heaviness lifted. A delicious combination.


Baron Orm said...

It sounds lovely, I hope I get a chance to [baron rate] it one day - I know that Chris would love it!

The bacon FABPOW is perfect too, from your description I can tell that they go well together.

myBrewerytap said...

Sounds a fantastic match. Glad to see you're a smoked bacon man, so much better!

Mark said...

Smoked Bacon + Henley Dark = an easy baron 5/5!

MBT: Smoked is the only way to roll! ;)

Scyrene said...

Does being cut by hand make the bread taste better? :P

Mark said...

There's definitely some correlation between bread you cut yourself and how good that bread is! Generally speaking. :P

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