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Monday, 2 August 2010

Brew Wharf Homebrew Competition 2010

Last week, in this Guardian Word of Mouth article, Mark Dredge announced the winner of the Brew Wharf Homebrew Competition 2010. With a sense of pride, excitement and more than a little surprise; I discovered that one of the beers I’d entered came out on top.

The competition had been running for the last few months and invited homebrewers of all skill and experience levels to submit a beer. Style guidelines were thrown out the window, brewing processes only restricted to those that can be easily recreated in a commercial brewery and ABV limited to a maximum of 6.5 per cent.

I originally brewed my beer based on a recipe available at Barley Bottom. A bit underwhelmed by the result, I modified things to: increase the OG [Original Gravity] and raise the hopping rates.

The result, I hope, lies somewhere between a best bitter and an ESB. With a nice, round bitterness, a subtle dark malt character and a pronounced hop aroma and flavour.

The competition prize was the chance to brew the winning beer on the commercial system at the Brew Wharf. That means 800 litres of my beer will be brewed and then consumed by the general public; an opportunity that I think any homebrewer would jump at. Very, very exciting indeed! I’m looking forward to it immensely, I’ll post the beer recipe in full soon and I’ll be sure to write a blog or two about the day.


Jason JY said...

Congratulations, that's brilliant! I'm looking forward to seeing your recipe and hearing more about your commercial brew.

I'm bottling a 1/2 batch of smoked porter tomorrow (used peated barley in the mash) and finishing it with Laphroaig 18. Then it's being bottle conditioned for a couple of months. Fingers crossed.

Ed said...

Nice one!

Mark said...

Thanks Ed. :)

Jason: Sounds interesting. How do you mean you're "finishing it with Laphroaig 18"?

crownbrewerstu said...

well done!

Scyrene said...

Amazing. How do you do it? I've been drinking and reading about different ales for ages, but still have no idea about the styles. And as for winning competitions - wow!

Mark said...

I think you just learn things slowly over time. Looking back over these old posts is showing my just how much more I know now than I did not too long ago!

Winning competition always carries an elemant of luck. Judging beer is so personal and subjective, no matter how much a judge works to make it not so. :)