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Friday, 9 July 2010

World Cup Beer Sweepstake - Australia

In the World Cup Beer Sweepstake I drew Australia. I’m not really sure how to feel about this. I’m a Cricket fan and when it comes to Cricket the Aussies are a dominant force, they’re the old foe, the team we must beat. When England plays Australia it’s a big deal, it’s the test series that players dream about being part of, it’s an event, it’s historic.

Australian football though? It just isn’t the same; nobody seems to take it that seriously. The Socceroos, right? Little chance of progressing beyond the group stage; they’re minnows in shark infested water.

My opinion of Australian football is similar to my opinion of Australia beer. It’s there, it exists, but it isn’t something you rush out for. You may happen to see the odd Australian game, you might happen to have the odd can of Foster’s, neither are likely to be very memorable.

Through fear of unwittingly insulting an entire nation, let me qualify: what I’m trying to say is that when it comes to great beer, and great football, Australia isn’t the first country that springs to mind.

I picked Tooheys draught lager as my Sweepstake beer. It’s brewed in Australia, imported (as far as my research tells me) and it’s pretty easy to find at the Walkabout chain of pubs. Lurking at the back of my mind was a desire for the beer to be great, for it to be interesting and full of flavour, for it prove me wrong. Sadly not.

I drew Australia as my Sweepstake team. They got hammered 4-0 by Germany in their opening game, drew with Ghana and only managed to beat Serbia 2-1 in a match that proved ultimately meaningless. Lurking at the back of my mind was a desire for them to pull off an upset, to do something spectacular, to prove me wrong. Sadly not.

The general apathy I described feeling towards Australian football is equally applicable to all of the Australians beers I’ve tried. It could be that the good beers don’t make it to the UK, it could be ignorance on my part, it could be that Australia does a lot of things really well … just not beer or football.


rabidbarfly said...

Good post Mark, although you could have done a lot better than Tooheys for the beer.
One example might be one of the Coopers range. There's the surprisingly good Coopers Extra Stout or the decent enough Pale Ale from the same range. I could recommend either of those two.

The Beer Nut said...

Little Creatures Pale Ale is another good 'un which I've seen in the UK.

rabidbarfly said...

agreed on the creatures, nice beer!

Mark said...

My first thought was Coopers, I just didnt get a chance to get down the market and pick any up.

I always thought Little Creatures was from New Zealand for some reason. My bad, that would've been a good pick and isn't too difficult to get hold of either.