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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Thornbridge Halcyon

Dear reader, your time is precious, I know. I won’t waste it for long because Mark “Pencil & Spoon” Dredge has already said everything I want to say (here). I’m late to the party in saying this, but it must be said … again. Thornbridge Halcyon 2009 is un-bloody-believable!

In the glass it almost has a glow to it, as if to say: “look at me! I’m over here! Quick, look, over here!”. The aroma is so bright and fruity, Dredgey nails it when he describes it as “fruit salad sweets”. Sitting there on the worktop, like a Roman candle. Hops spilling and fizzing over the sides of the glass, shaking their jazz hands before vanishing into the ether.

The flavour is less citrus and more pale stone fruits. It’s brewed with fresh, as apposed to the more traditional dry, UK Target hops and what a plethora of vibrant, fresh, tropical fruit flavours they bring to the party. Why aren’t Targets used as a late hop more often? Based on this, they’re being criminally overlooked.

There’s sweetness and a nice punchy, cleansing bitterness. There's a lot of yeast in suspension but it just serves to make the body thick and full.

Simply outstanding. I got mine from the ever excellent mybrewerytap.com and you should too! Seriously … just do it, this is probably the best English beer I’ve had this year.


Leigh said...

Oooh, Just picked this up yesterday, as it goes. Can't wait now. Looks awesome (im sure it will be)!!

Mark said...

It will indeed! Let me know what you think when you've tried it. :)

Anonymous said...

What a fucking disgusting looking cloudy pint. You'll be on the bog all day after that.

Mark said...

Anon: I can confirm that my toilet routine the day after was standard in every way. Hopefully that removes any concerns you have for my health. :P

On the subject of cloudy beer and its impact on the digestive system ... if we apply your logic, surely those Weiss bier drinking Germans will be on the toilet non stop? And the less said about Witbier lovers the better!

I don't think you need to be worrying about a bit of haze or yeast in your beer. If you only drink bright beers, you're limiting yourself and missing out on a whole world of fantastic beer.

As a final point, that Halcyon was so great on the way in, I'd happily suffer any of the consequences that you're worried about twice over!

Why not risk it once and see how you go?