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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

London Brewers Alliance

Phil Lowry is a man who’s not content with being the managing director of premier beer retailer beermerchants.com and part time brewer under the Saints and Sinners banner. Disillusioned with the public’s apparent apathy towards London’s brewers and beer; he’s on a mission to make a change. Inspired by the cohesive and collaborative nature of the brewing scene in San Francisco, he wants to bring the capital’s beer makers together. Together in a group that can share, assist and focus effort on restoring London as a centre of brewing excellence.

Beer enthusiasts will likely already know that London is undergoing something of a beer renaissance. The London beer scene is thriving and it’s about time the wider world knew about it. New professional breweries like Redemption, Kernel, Brew Wharf, Brodie's and Camden are accompanied by a home brewing scene that goes from strength to strength.

Its early days for the London Brewers Alliance, but there’s no questioning the enthusiasm, passion and the appetite for great beer that’s the driving force behind it. Fingers crossed for great things.

This entry was inspired by an article in The Publican. You can read that article here.

The London Brewers Alliance can be found online at http://londonbrewers.org/ and on Twitter @londonbrewers.