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Monday, 5 July 2010

Ale of Thanet - Beer and Barbecue

"Ale of Thanet" is a free publication produced by the Thanet branch of CAMRA. It's released quarterly around the Thanet area and covers beer and pub news, opinion, local events etc. I've written an article for the latest edition about Summer beers and barbecue foods to pair them with.

You can download a PDF version here. The article I wrote starts on page 20.

My intention was to suggest some good bottled beer that's easy to get hold of and lends itself to Summer drinking. In food terms July and August are all about long evenings and barbecues, so it seemed like an obvious match for the beer.

What are your favourite beers to drink with a barbecue? Comments on the article are more than welcome.


Eddie said...

Gadds' Number 3 Pale Ale, full of Kent lovliness. Of course.

Mark said...

Of course!

I originally planned to write a bit of a feature on a Kentish brewery ... reviewing some of their beers, bit of history etc. You're like the Godfather (Grandfather? :P) of East Kent brewing though ... it would be too obvious to write about Gadds'!

It's a given that your beer is a reliably great pint.

I didn't include it in the barbecue pairing because it's not easy/possible to get it in a bottle. Number 3 or 5 on a Summers day though ... can't go wrong.

Mark Dredge said...

Great piece!

I could go for a Bengal Lancer and cheeseburger right now and that Double Chocolate and strawberries sounds great. Nice one!

Mark said...

Thanks Dredgster, appreciate the feedback. I actually found it quite hard to pick supermarket stuff that's distinct, good and works with food. The urge to type "beermerchants.com" into my browser is a strong one! :P