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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Wikio Blog Rankings - June 2010

Aaaaaat ten it's Called to the bar. Down two places in ninth position is Woolpack Dave and his beer & stuff. The Bitten Bullet moves up two to eighth place and Tandleman sits in seventh. A poor month for The Pub Curmudgeon dropping two places to pick up sixth. Boak and Bailey are huge movers, climbing a massive eight places to take fifth. The Brew Dog boys are down one in fourth as we hit the top three .... Beer Nut does well to steal third and it's as you were with Pencil & Spoon in second and Pete Brown on top.

If you prefer a boring old table (and want to see 11-20) it's below. The full rankings will be available on the Wikio page from Sunday:

1Pete Brown's Blog (=)
2Pencil & Spoon (=)
3The Beer Nut (+2)
4Brew Dog Blog (-1)
5Boak and Bailey's Beer Blog (+8)
6The Pub Curmudgeon (-2)
7Tandleman's Beer Blog (-1)
8The Bitten Bullet (+2)
9Woolpack Dave's beer and stuff blog (-2)
10Called to the bar (+4)
11Spittoon (-3)
12Zythophile (=)
13Beer Reviews (-2)
14Reluctant Scooper (+1)
15`It's just the beer talking` ? Jeff Pickthall's Blog (-6)
16Real Ale Reviews (=)
17Travels With Beer (+2)
18Real Brewing at the Sharp End (+9)
19Brew Wales (-2)
20The Wine Conversation (-2)

Ranking by Wikio


The Beer Nut said...


And, at last, a more sensible ranking for Boak & Bailey.

Not that these things really matter, of course. At least not to you, the little people in positions four and down...

Mark said...

Interesting that Woolpack Dave starts blogging again but manages to drop two places. Makes me wonder how out of date the data used to generate the list is.

Congratulations on going top 3. Your opinion is now relevant.

The Beer Nut said...

I always think that when I'm drinking.

BeerReviewsAndy said...

congrats The beer nut and boak and bailey.

i noticed the brewdog blog has fallen a place too...interesting stuff.

Tandleman said...

Well my position keeps slipping. May was my highest month for six months or so in terms of number - and I thought - quality of posts, but down I go. Oddly enough the May total of visits to my site was one of my highest ever.

I have noted my serious doubts about these rankings before and while it would be sensible to ignore them, it is insidiously difficult to do so and the perplxing element of trying to understand them is frustrating.

I'm hurting here!

Dan said...

Hi all,

The rankings are based on backlinks and have nothing to do with traffic - unless of course the two have a relation to one another but that's another discussion.

There are several features in place to make them as fair as possible. Backlinks in the body of an article are counted and the more recent the better. If it's from a site that links to you on a regular basis it is worth a little less, if it's from a site that is linking to a load of other sites in the same blog post it is worth a bit less as well.

You can check out all your links on our Wikio Labs service.

Hope that's helpful and congrats to those in the Top 20 there.


Wikio UK

Reluctant Scooper said...

I asked to be removed; instead, my ranking goes up. Classy.