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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Brew Wharf - Goldfish Bowl

Yesterday I wrote about Hoptimum, today it's Goldfish Bowl. Goldfish Bowl is the second offering from Saints & Sinners Beer Co; brewing out of Brew Wharf in London Bridge. An impromptu trip there after work, for a quick half, has inspired me to throw a few thoughts together in the form of a blog entry.

The beer is described as "an amber hued German and English malt base beer, hopped with Magnum, Amarillo and Williamette hops for a warm honey and fruit aroma".

It pours a straw colour with a lace of bubbles atop. The aroma is hoppy and bold. You get a wave of citrus fruits with the suggestion of honey sweetness behind. I distinctly picked out Amarillo hops, giving the suggestion of orange and tangerine.

On the palate there's a slight lack of sweetness at first, replaced by punchy citrus hops. This moves on to biscuity malt and then dry, crisp bitterness that steadily builds to the point of becoming quite big.

Like Hoptimum, it's a good, full flavoured, incredibly drinkable beer. The glass I had was slightly too cold and lacking in condition though. To be critical, I'd say the very light body means an almost slightly stewed hop flavour at times, and that it lacks some sweetness up front. At 3.8%, it's a beer I would happily drink multiple pints of. I think overall I prefer Hoptimum, but this is still a worthy addition to the roster. Looking forward to the next entry.