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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Pißwasser and fictional beer

Mark's post for Pencil & Spoon, about animated beer and food, and how delicious it looks, got me thinking. Thinking about the fictional beers that I've come across and those that exist in popular culture.

My favourite of recent times being Pißwasser from the video game Grand Theft Auto 4. A fictional beer that, for anyone else who speaks even less German than me, roughly translates as "Piss Water".

The game is peppered with comical references to the beer, but my favourite is the TV Advert that you can watch in the apartment of the game's main character (contains swearing):

Not only brilliantly funny, but also a disappointingly accurate satire of main stream drinking habits in the USA (and UK, for that matter).

There's also a radio commercial that plays on the car stereos of vehicles in the game, see here.