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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Christmas day food pairings

Carrying on with the trend of food pairing blogs (see me last blog: here), I thought I would write a bit about the pairings I made for Christmas. This is a bit out of date now, but the combinations are still great and would work equally well at any time of year (just replace Christmas Turkey with a roast Chicken and the cake with a standard fruit cake).

With the Turkey main event on Christmas day, I went with Batemans XXXB. This beer has a pronounced malty sweetness which works perfectly with the meat. There is also a distinct berry like quality to it that echoed the cranberry jelly we had with the food. XXXB is very light and refreshing, perfect for lifting the palette after all the vegetable accompaniments, leaving you ready for the next mouthful.

Early evening, before a tea of cold meat and left overs, is traditionally Christmas cake time. For this I picked Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter. What a combination. The cake is dense, rich, sweet and fruity. The beer has huge coffee and chocolate flavours which work perfectly with the cake. Citrus hops compliment boozy dried fruit and the bitter, earthy finish cuts through the indulgent, cloying sweetness of the cake.

There you have it. Simple but (hopefully) very effective. Anyone who hasn't tried Gonzo Porter, I highly recommend it. Not only one of my favourite beers but also readily available in Tesco. There's also a barrel aged version, it doesn't come cheap but I really must try it some time soon.