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Monday, 14 December 2009

This Blog

I appreciate craft beer and craft brewing. I appreciate the work, knowledge and effort that goes into a craft beer and I find the knowledge and skill surrounding the art to be interesting. An extension of this is that I enjoy learning about and tasting craft beer, refining my palate and applying these things in the beer I make myself.

For these reasons, I think its safe to call me a craft beer enthusiast/fan/geek and I want to use this blog as an outlet for my enthusiasm.

Hopefully I'll achieve that, producing a record of things I come across along the way. A record that I can look back on in times to come. Maybe a few other people will even read it!

Anyway, on to the content. My plan is to write about anything beer related that I come across: good pubs, good beers, bad beers, tastings, general goings on in the world of craft beer. I don't think I'll write too many tasting notes because they tend to be very subjective and, to be honest, quite boring to read. I also really like to brew my own beer, so I'm sure some home brew related stuff will make its way in too.

Let's see how this goes then ... cheers!


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