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Friday, 18 December 2009

Thirty Pence Beer

I'm just back from a holiday in Germany. Munich and Nurnberg to be precise. Germany is the third heaviest drinking country in the world, so naturally there are a few beer related blog topics I've brought back with me.

The first is about a beer I found in a supermarket that cost thirty pence (€0.33 or 29.8p to be exact). It's called Grafenwalder Hefeweiss and has an ABV of 5.5 percent. The bottle I bought weighed in at 0.5L. Thirty pence for, near enough, a pint of beer. This is insane.

So what does it taste like? Well, I assumed it would be terrible. Cheap as chips and in a plastic bottle ... "this will taste flat, dull and synthetic" I thought. Well, not at all. Banana and clove on the nose, sweet and yeasty on the palate. Not bad at all. Not as well rounded as the Erdingers, Paulaners and Hofbraus that I was drinking, but not bad at all.

So there you have it, a beer in a plastic bottle that's cheaper than water and doesn't taste half bad.


Unknown said...

You can sometimes get this beer for about a pound a can in UK LIDL stores too. Pretty good for the money, but not quite 30p a pint!!

Mark said...

Really? How strange. Is it in a plastic bottle over here too?It just goes to show the difference to price our alcohol taxing makes.